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Toulon Public Library District

How do I become a Friend of the Library?

Make a Financial Contribution

The Toulon Public Library is a non-profit organization. The tax monies from Stark and Knox counties are enhanced by current donations from people like you.

Through the Friends generosity, more programs and opportunities are possible while maintaining fiscal responsibility both now and in the future. 

Supply Materials to the Library

The library maintains, at the check-out desk, a list of needed resources and supplies. This list includes DVD’s, new technology and supplies for children’s book clubs, as well as books. Those wishes are yours to fulfill.

If you donate any of these items, valued $20 or more, you will automatically become a Friend of the Library. 

Your Time Counts

Even your time is valuable, if you work on a project or do some maintenance, you will be given credit at $2 per hour. A donation of 10 hours makes you a member for one year.

The Friends of the Library roster is tiered to giving levels, so the more you give the longer your membership in the Friends of Library lasts.

As a member you will receive recognition on the Friends of the Library Roster, the quarterly Friends Newsletter, and discounts for paid events.