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2018 News - Toulon Public Library

Toulon Public Library District

July 25, 2018

We have just completed another successful Summer Reading Program.   This year we had some new sponsors for our prizes and parties.  We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all our sponsors.  Without them it would be very hard to a Summer Reading Program.  Believe it or not Linda and I have started working on next year’s program! Sponsors were: Casey’s, Stark County News, Haskell-Hott, Butch’s Pizza, Leezer Ins., Morrissey Refrigeration, Texas Roadhouse, Rainbow Resource, Parochetti Enterprises, McDonalds Kewanee, YMCA Kewanee, Pizza Hut, Tanner’s Orchard, State Bank of Toulon, Stark County District 100, Niabi Zoo, Coca-Cola, Rumbold & Kuhn, Kartville, A Few of my Favorite Things, Mike Winn, and a grant from the Sun Foundation.

 We now have our Fall Groups Sign-up sheet out for you to sign-up your child/children for the library’s children’s groups.  This year K-5 Book Friends is on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.  This group will meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month starting September 5th.  Story Time (0 to K) will meet the first and third Thursday of each month from 10-10:30 am.  This group will start on September 6th.

 August will mark my 25th anniversary with the Toulon Public Library District.  The time has gone by fast and I have to say I have enjoyed working here all that time.  Am I going to retire?  NO!  I am still having fun with this job and plan to stay indefinitely. The library board tells me they will host an open house in my honor on August 8 from 1-5. There will be cake.

 When I started working at the library my children were in grade school.  They are now in their 30’s.  I have a grandson who is the apple of my eye.  I am still married to my husband of 37 years.  I have seen computers become more prevalent and internet more important.    We started with just the staff having computers for our work and now have a total of eight computers for the public plus projectors, tablets, and laptops!   When I first started to learn how to do the internet it was called Dark Star.  It was dial up (remember how fun that was?) and I was scared to death to use it.  I was afraid I would screw something up.  We could only be on it for 20 minutes and then you were booted off. 

 One of the things I don’t miss is the Gaylord machine.  Every morning you had to take out the little date plate and put a new date plate in and then stamp the date due cards.  You heard a kerthunk, kerthunk, kerthunk until you had done at least twenty cards!  Now we have a receipt printer that prints out a date due slip of paper.

 What are some of the best part of my job?  I love meeting the people.  I enjoy interacting with them.  I have met some of my old neighbors that I grew up with, a former class mate, and a now co-worker!  I love that the library can offer so many things to our patrons.  I do miss some of my favorite patrons who are no longer with us.  I think of them often and they still can make me smile. 

 Some things that haven’t changed are that you still can have a one on one here at the library if you need help.  We still have a wonderful selection of books (children or adult, fiction or nonfiction) to offer you.  If you do not find a book you want we still interlibrary loan it for you.  We offer a wide range of services to you such as: copying, laminating, and faxing. 

All in all it has been a very good 25 years.  As always there have been bumps in the road, but you learn from them.  So please stop in at the library and check us out.  We really can offer you a lot of services.   And if you have time, say “hi” to me!


Janet Kamerer

Lead Librarian