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3rd Thursday Book Club@TPLD

We are the 3rd Thursday Book Club. We meet at the Toulon Public Library on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm except May and December. Ask Michael or Mary for more details by visiting or calling the library 286-5791.

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You do not have to finish the book, but keep in mind that the ending may be spoiled!

Books will be voted upon from a list of 40 at the inaugural, October 2018 meeting.

Each member has a valued opinion! Please keep your political arguments on FaceBook ;)

Come join us for a casual discussion! All are welcome. 

Meeting Dates:

October 18 2018 -

November 15 2018 -

January 17 2019 -

February 21 2019 -

March 14 2019 -

April 18 2019 -

June 20 2019 -

July 18 2019 -

August 15 2019 -

September 19 2019 -

October 17 2019 -

November 21 2019 -

General Questions:

No need to answer. Some may be used to facilitate discussion.

Questions to consider (Fiction):

  1. How did you experience the book? Were you immediately drawn into the story—or did it take a while? Did the book intrigue, amuse, disturb, alienate, irritate, or frighten you? 

  2. Which characters do you particularly admire or dislike? What are their primary characteristics?

  3. Who in the book would you like to meet? What would you ask,or say? 

  4. If you could insert yourself as a character in the book, what role would you play? 

  5. Consider the ending. Did you expect it or were you surprised? Was it manipulative or forced? Was it neatly wrapped up—maybe too neatly? Or was the story unresolved, ending on an ambiguous note? 

  6. Can you pick out a passage that strikes you as particularly profound or interesting? 

  7. Does the book remind you of your own life? An event? A person—like a friend, family member, boss, co-worker? 

  8. If you were to talk with the author, what would you want to know? (Many authors enjoy talking with book clubs. Contact the publisher to see if you can set up a phone or Skype chat.) 

  9. Have you read the author’s other books? Can you discern a similarity—in theme, writing style—between them? Or are they completely different?

Questions to Consider (for Non-Fiction)

If your book is a cultural portrait of life in another country, or different region of your own country, start with these questions:

  1. Do the issues affect your life? How so—directly, on a daily basis, or more generally? Now, or sometime in the future? 

  2. Does the author—or can you—draw implications for the future? Are there long- or short-term consequences to the issues raised in the book? If so, are they positive or negative? Affirming or frightening? 

  3. Does the author—or can you—offer solutions to the issues raised in the book? Who would implement those solutions? How probable is success? 

  4. Are the book's issues controversial? How so? And who is aligned on which sides of the issues? Where do you fall in that line-up? 

  5. Can you point to specific passages that struck you personally—as interesting, profound, silly or shallow, incomprehensible, illuminating? 

  6. Did you learn something new? Did it broaden your perspective about a personal or societal issue? Perhaps about another culture in another country or an ethnic/regional culture in your own country?