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Toulon Public Library District

Director's Message

Your Library Director Welcomes You

   As Director of the Toulon Public Library, I would like to extend to you all an invitation to our library, your gateway to a world of information and resources. On average, approximately 45 people visit our Web site each day to access vital information about our library services, programs, and workshops.  That’s nearly 17,000 hits each year!  Through our website, you can check on your account, renew books, and put books on hold.  We will call you when they have arrived. 

   Our library is a member of this community. Knowledge truly is power, and by providing the keys to information -- whether in the form of books, online resources, coping and laminating services, or Children’s programs – Toulon Public Library opens worlds for so many in our community in so many different ways.

   The Toulon Public Library is empowering the future of our community by allowing all of its patrons -- regardless of age, race, or economic status -- access to sources of knowledge that changes lives. Our library is open six days a week and guarantees that everyone in our community is given the advantages that a public library offers. Free computers with Internet access and free wireless service at all libraries make it easy for all to tap into the wealth of online information available. A collection of over 42,000 -- books, CDs, DVDs, and audio books, among others -- is our legacy to the community we serve.

   We also bring the strength of cultural and community unity in the form of programs that allow us to explore a world outside of our own. Meet and talk to a bestselling author or enjoy a performance of music, dance, and poetry. For those of you who are parents, our libraries offers free events for kids after school, school days off and the summer holiday. We offer Tike Time and Story Time for all the little non-readers – which include a story, craft and a game.  Our summer reading program will help not only your child but your whole family to get into the spirit of our library.  We offer many programs during the summer – and the opportunity to read for prizes!  And I haven’t forgotten about all the adults – we have a program for you too!

  I would like to welcome you to your library, the Toulon Public Library, and my trustees and I would like to invite you to join us in turning the key to a world of knowledge and information found nowhere else.

Michael Baumann

Director, Toulon Public Library District