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Toulon Public Library District

Library History Interviews

Sandy Blakey said that she was a library user and that Ella Silliman was the librarian.  She lived in town so she didn't have to buy a card. She used the library in grade school for school projects.  She's been using the library for 40 years.  She remembers that it was always quiet, she always got help when she needed it, and she was amazed by all the books.

    Ruth Anderson said that the librarians were Miss Lyon and Florence Kinney.  She also lived in town and did not purchase a card.  She used the library for school mostly but also for pleasure.  She remembers that you had to tip-toe or else Miss Lyon would snap her fingers.

    Sue Carrington said  she remembers that Henrietta Silliman was the librarian.  She lived in the country and doesn't remember having a card.  She has used the library for over 50 years.  She remembers that you always had to be super quiet.  The children's sections used to be where the Nonfiction section is currently.  There were small tables and chairs set around the room.  Marshmallow the Rabbit was one of her favorite books.

Joyce Mercer said that her grandmother lived in town

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